Solutions Simplified: The Race for Turrack's Artifact

Session 2

The search for Turrack

In the mine, they find a female halfling, claiming to be a cleric. Good thing since Lillith had a job offer for a position in a restaurant.

After clearing out the mine, the party goes back to the main branch of the Undermarch. There the Captain of the Guard is waiting for them, together with the mayor of Anvil. They thank Grumpy and the party for their efforts and the captain gives Grumpy a badge of the guard, so he can work for them whenever he’s bored of travelling. They also invite the party to a feast, but the party decides they need to leave at once.

There travel through the Undermarch goes fairly smooth, although MC Druid D00D doesn’t sleep that well. And soon they arrive at the gate of Forge, capital of the dwarven kingdom. Forge is a massive city located inside a mountain, with a giant lava lake at the bottom and houses built into the side of the walls. In the lava lake are large pillars with buildings on.
Grumpy decides to visit his favorite tavern “The Orange Shield” while the rest of the party decides to search for an inn in the non-dwarf sector of the city. They soon find the address of Turrack’s house, but they also hear rumors that Turrack is arrested by the dwarven guard.

Upon arrival at Turrack’s house, the party notices that the house has been raided, although there are conflicting clues about the raid, who would be interested in stealing most of Turrack’s clothes? After looking around Ammanas finds an interesting machine, but it’s missing a few components. Grumpy, in the mean time, finds a safe in Turrack’s bedroom.
After Grumpy, Ammanas and Darloc all fail to open the safe, an effort from the orc Sadlygrove captured in the mine before finally gets the safe to fall open. There is a note from Turrack and blueprints of parts of all the machines. Solutions Simplified decide to repair the machine.

When trying to get the machine outside, a party of The Saved arrives. Purple Two, Sadlygrove’s (or should I say White Six?) commander and weapon trainer, demands that they give up the machine. But after some discussion a deal is struck: they have one week to repair the machine and give them all information they find. If the week goes by without them repairing it, Purple Two will claim the machine and take it back to his master.

The party goes around the city looking for craftsmen and materials to repair the machine, and when they do, they discover the location of a rising dungeon.



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