Solutions Simplified: The Race for Turrack's Artifact

Session 1

The assignment

The shareholders of Solutions Simplified and their new interns return to Glitterhaegen. In this city the primary (and only) seat of their company. (A table at one of the local bars, to be specific “The Venomous Unicorn”) Today is an important day for the interns, since they will become official shareholders of Solutions Simplified. While they are discussing the amount of shares they receive, Nienna (their female secretary) warns them that Master Thief Elmon is coming.

When Master Thief Elmon arrives, he is accompanied by Stivras, a mage. Stivras informs them that he wants an artifact to be retrieved from a rising living dungeon, so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. A dwarf named Turrack is the one who detected the dungeon, and is the only one who knows its location. Sending this information is dangerous, it can be intercepted, thus the party needs to go talk to Turrack directly. They agree on an advance of 500GP and another 1500GP when they bring back the artifact. The party gets a cart and some documents to get into Anvil from WOLF.

Sadlygrove visits Zarusam that night, and buys his services to translate the name of the artifact.

The next morning he talks to Elmon again, and tries to convince him he didn’t wipe the offer away just yet.

Amanas, Grumpy and Lillith buy some nice clothes that night. The next morning they all decide to take the safe route to Anvil, were they will take the Undermarch to Forge were Turrack lives. When they arrive at Anvil, the guards are hesitant to let this weird bunch of adventurers in, but after a bribe, all doubts vanish.

In Anvil, Grumpy is contacted by the gate captain they bribed before. He says he can arrange free passage through the Undermarch if their party clears one of the newly regenerated mines. Apparently, orcs and kobolds love to mine the newly regenerated veins of ore. Grumpy agrees and the next morning Solution Simplified goes on its way to this mine.

During these battles, one of Darloc’s minion is so grateful to be redeemed from the Lich King’s grasp that he decides to activate the real magic in the Lich King’s hand. One of the orcs they killed was also carrying a dwarven battleaxe. When Grumpy laid his hands on it, he felt the might of this weapon coming alive, and his love for gold dying. When searching the mine for loose valuables, they find some gems the orcs and goblins didn’t seem to be interested in. The estimated value of these gems would be around 600GP.



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