Solutions Simplified: The Race for Turrack's Artifact

Session 3

The road to Concord

The party discovered the artifact is in a living dungeon somewhere in the wake islands. To get there they decide to follow the Koru Behemoth Migration routes to a little past Nomad and then pass through the Queen’s Wood to Concord.


A few days after leaving Forge, just when they’re about to arrive at the migration route, part of the party is overwhelmed by a feeling of awe. Quenth, the family bronze dragon of Yvette, introduces himself to the party and drops a wooden crate. In the crate, Yvette finds a magical set of armor, and when she puts it on she transforms into a half-elf. Apparently Yvette is really called Rhivaa and this armor contains a curse placed on her some time ago when she was discovered as a Great Gold Worm spy in the Diabolist’s mids. After this, Quenth flies off again.

Some time later, the party is happily following the migration route, though in opposite directions of the Behemoths of course. At that moment they start noticing some light earthquakes. After a few moments a band of Nomas emerge from the distance sprinting towards them. They keep yelling to run and when they get close some even try to steal the party’s cart. Sadlygrove and Ammanas in particular, saw this as an act of aggression and they attacked the nomads. After a quick victory, an enormous beast appeared from behind the corner (which was hidden by the mountains) stampeding at an incredible speed for such a beast.

MC Drood Dude tried to calm the beast down by talking to it, he of course completely misunderstood what the beast told him. So the High Druid, feeling the pain of this beast from the other side of the empire, decide to intervene and gave MC Drood Dude a spiritual knock on the head. MC Drood Dude then understood that the Koru Behemoth standing in front of them had been tormented by a sea creature ever since his last drop in the Kuro Strait (close to the Wake Islands). The party decides to help the Koru by killing the creature. They easily defeat some giant crabs and kelp zombies, but eventually discover the kraken living inside the Behemoth’s shell. By working together as a team, the manage to scare the kraken away without even fighting it.

The Behemoth has to walk a fair bit back, since nature’s order must be restored. He invites the party to travel on his back for as long as they like. It doesn’t take long for them to reach Nomad, where apparently almost the entire settlement is murdered brutally. The party decides to pass on and move into the woods by foot. Eventually they reach Concord.



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