Solutions Simplified: The Race for Turrack's Artifact

Session 4

Sailing to the dungeon

session_4.pngWhen entering Concord, the entire party is welcomed warmly. (Even Darloc for once.) Grumpy is approached by a fellow dwarf, in a uniform of the Royal Guard. Apparently Grumpy has been appointed as the first captain of the royal dwarven navy. And let it be said, the “Howl of the Warhammer” is quite a magnificent ship.


After some recruiting (red 36 as the quartermaster, apparently he followed the party for Yvette, Addolin (new guy) as the sailing master, and Nienna (their secretary) as the boatswain) they all get aboard and take off in the direction where most sailors reported unusual activity.

When arriving at the spot, a trading galley is noticed. It seems eerily abandoned except for 3 figures standing on the deck. Rhivaa recognizes their robes as diabolist cultist robes. They decide to attack them and a battle across the water begins. Moments later (when fireballs, arrows and lightning are flying between the ships) two squid-like creatures appear in the water and one of them directly attacks the ship, although it seems to be unharmed. Sadlygrove decides to jump on top of the other one and attack it before it can get close to the ship. The battle continues and when the cultists are almost defeated, Ammanas decides to attack the second beast. The second beast seems to be unharmed by the attack and when Sadlygrove finishes off his beasts, the second one disappears instantly.

Recovering form this battle the party decides to dive underwater and enter the dungeon.



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